Sri Venkatesa Perumal sits majestically in the middle of 4 streets. The "Dwajasthambam" can be viewed from the entrance, as well as the Bali Peedam and the Kodi Maram(flag post). If we move further ahead, we can see "Garuda Azhwar" praying to the Lord,facing the main deity. As we move forward, we reach the Maha Mandapam and the Ardah Mandapam. On entering,devotees gain the spiritual experience hearing the divine words "Om Namo Narayana" from within their hearts. The main deity is in the form of a "Swayambu" in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbagraham). Tha Lord "Sri Venkatesa Perumal" facing eastward, giving his divine darisanam, with the blessings of the Lord, experience an inner calm and a flow of divine energy within. Devotees then come out to the inner "Prakaram" (corridor) of the temple. Mowving clockwise, there is the sannidhi of "Venugopalasamy" and then on the south exit of the mandapam is "Chakrathazwar" facing east. After gaining the blessing of Him, one tracks back to the inner prakaram, is the sannidhi of "Anjanaiyar".