Sri Venkatesa Perumal sits majestically in the middle of 4 streets. The "Dwajasthambam" can be viewed from the entrance, as well as the Bali Peedam and the Kodi Maram(flag post). If we move further ahead, we can see "Garuda Azhwar" praying to the Lord,facing the main deity. As we move forward, we reach the Maha Mandapam and the Ardah Mandapam. On entering,devotees gain the spiritual experience hearing the divine words "Om Namo Narayana" from within their hearts. The main deity is in the form of a "Swayambu" in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbagraham). Tha Lord "Sri Venkatesa Perumal" facing eastward, giving his divine darisanam, with the blessings of the Lord, experience an inner calm and a flow of divine energy within. Devotees then come out to the inner "Prakaram" (corridor) of the temple. Mowving clockwise, there is the sannidhi of "Venugopalasamy" and then on the south exit of the mandapam is "Chakrathazwar" facing east. After gaining the blessing of Him, one tracks back to the inner prakaram, is the sannidhi of "Anjanaiyar".
This festival is celebrated with grandeur in the tamil month of Purattasi (during September/October months) for 6 consecutive Saturdays. People converge at the temple from various places across India and even overseas. During these days the temple presents a sea of humanity immersed in bhakthi for the Lord. These Saturdays at the temple begin as early as 4.00 AM with an "Abhishekam" or "Thirumanjanam" aradhanai for the Lord. The Maha Deeparadhanai is performed at noon. In the evening the Lord is taken along with His consorts "Sridevi" and "Bhudevi" on a majestic "Garuda vahanam" around the 4 streets of the temple in a tastefully decorated Pushpaka Pallaku. The unique feature of this is the bhaktas fulfilling their vows by carrying Rama panam (Arrow shape) in "meravanai". For generations people have been following this custom where they remit money in the name of their various family members and receive this "meravanai". They accompany the palanquin carrying this. On these days a special Hundi is placed here. It is believed that devotees who wish to make their offerings to Tirupathi Balaji but who are unable visit Tirupathi Tirumala may place their offerings in this Hundi to receive His blessings. The entire day is very busy with special programs. To facilate the tranportation for piligrims, several special buses ply from various points in and around Coimbatore, Tirupur, Sathyamangalam and near by places on these days.

Temple Chariot festival
This festival commences in the tamil month of "THAI" and the festival is held for 11 days. The temple chariot is taken around the four streets of the temple on the day of the "Punarpoosam" (punarvasa) star. Other days of the festival, in the evenings, the Lord along with the consorts is taken around the four streets of the temple on various vahanams (vehicles) such as "Anna Vahanam"(swan), "simha Vahanam" (Lion), "Hanumanatha Vahanam" (Hanuman), "Garuda Vahanam" (king of birds), "Pushpaka Vahanam", "Yanai Vahanam" (elephant), "Kudirai Vahanam" (horse), "sesha Vahanam", (Adhishesha-Lord's serpent). Thirukalyana Uthsavam is performed on the day before the car festival and "Theppothsavam" (Pushkarni or temple tank float) is performed on the day after the car festival. The temple wears a very festive look and thousands of devotees shouting "Govinda", "Govinda", throng the temple to participate in this unique festival.

Six Week Purattasi Festival Details:
  • 1st Saturday   Aavani 29   14-09-2013
  • 2nd Saturday   Purattasi 05   21-09-2013
  • 3nd Saturday   Purattasi 12   28-09-2013
  • 4th Saturday   Purattasi 19   05-10-2013
  • 5th Saturday   Purattasi 26   12-10-2013
  • 6th Saturday   Aipasi 02       19-10-2013

Program on every Saturday in Purattasi Festival :
  • Maha Abishekam, Thirumanchanam : 4.30am.
  • Maha Deeparadhanai : 12.00Noon.
  • Meravanai Puspa Pallakku Garudavahanam : 7.30pm.