Sri Venkatesa Perumal sits majestically in the middle of 4 streets. The "Dwajasthambam" can be viewed from the entrance, as well as the Bali Peedam and the Kodi Maram(flag post). If we move further ahead, we can see "Garuda Azhwar" praying to the Lord,facing the main deity. As we move forward, we reach the Maha Mandapam and the Ardah Mandapam. On entering,devotees gain the spiritual experience hearing the divine words "Om Namo Narayana" from within their hearts. The main deity is in the form of a "Swayambu" in the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garbagraham). Tha Lord "Sri Venkatesa Perumal" facing eastward, giving his divine darisanam, with the blessings of the Lord, experience an inner calm and a flow of divine energy within. Devotees then come out to the inner "Prakaram" (corridor) of the temple. Mowving clockwise, there is the sannidhi of "Venugopalasamy" and then on the south exit of the mandapam is "Chakrathazwar" facing east. After gaining the blessing of Him, one tracks back to the inner prakaram, is the sannidhi of "Anjanaiyar".
Performing Thirukalyana Utsavam to the Lord in this temple is considered very special. It is held at the same time (10.30am to 12.00pm) as at Tirumala Tirupathi temple. The uniqueness is that, it is performed as a prayer (Venduthal) by the devotees throughtout the year. The ceremony is held amidst recitation of Vedic mantras. It is believed that Performing Kalyana Utsavam to the Lord here will bring immense peace and prosperity to the family of the devotees. A special mandapam has been constructed to perform the ritual, which can be booked through the temple office. It costs Rs.7500 for the ritual.

Performing Sudarshana Homam grants the performer health, wealth and prosperity. The performer seeks spiritual benefits, while performing the Homam as the Sudharshana has the attribute of "Papa Nashanam", i.e.,the destruction of sins. This is arguably the first step to be adopted in the realization of God (Lord Narayana). The Sudarshana Chakram grants Moksham to anyone who surrenders to it.

The temple has a special "yaaga Salai" which can be utilized to perform the Homam for desired individuals, who can contact the temple office. Other than that,devotees may register to perform Laksmi Narasimhar Homam and Lakhsmi Hyagreevar Homam.

On an occasion, Naradar went to Lord Sriman Narayanan to discuss the miseries in the world. Sri Satyanarayan informed Naradar that there is a fast, that can be performed by anyone. The fast would result in the fulfillment of his desires and also the liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Naradar informed about this fast to a poor, old and ailing lumberjack. Following Naradar's words, the lumberjack had all his wishes fulfilled, became prosperous, and ultimately attained salvation by following the Sri Satyanarayan fast and pooja.

The Satyanarayan fast is very effective in Kaliyuga and that whosoever read or heard this story would be rid of all sorrows and difficulties. In addition,it is widely said that there is a strong belief that the blessings obtained through the pooja would result with children for issuless couples seeking childrens.

This powerful Satyanaraya Pooja is performed on the occasion of full moon at 5 pm, every month through out the year. It is also done on special occasions and during times of achievements as an offering of gratitude to the Lord. These occasions include marriage, graduation, new job, and the purchase of a new home to name a few.

Every month on the 2nd and 4th Saturday (except in the tamil month of purattasi), bhajans are performed at the temple. They sing devoutly in praise of Sriman Narayanan, and devotees join in the religious fervour, this is followed by annadanam.